Las Palmas Collection

Bench Made furniture with custom capability, all made in Los Angeles, CA



“Can’t remember a project I have done in past 24 years where I have not used Niermann Weeks”. - Barry Dixon of Warrenton VA, a noted interior designer, Washington Post, April 30, 2017

“Function and whimsy - when the two met you’ve struck gold" - Amanda Nisbet of Amanda Nisbet Collection for Niermann Weeks

Forty years of designing & crafting by hand exquisite lighting & furniture for residential & hospitality designers & their clients




Jewels for each room, WEST KNOLL COLLECTION was born out of a passion to create furnishings that are unique and of the highest quality. The West Knoll team is comprised of several very successful entrepreneurs who came to WEST KNOLL COLLECTION from the worlds of photography, advertising, media, fashion and interior design